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Introduction to the Shincliffe Community Association

The Shincliffe Community Association is an association that is made up of as many as seven councilors. The most notable thing about these councilors is that they are all voluntaries which is an amazing thing for the society.

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In addition to the voluntary council members, there is a Parish Clerk whose sole job is to provide professional and objective advice to the council members and make sure that his voice is heard. His independent advice is free from any form of bias or favoritism. The duty of the Clerk is to make sure that the council members are doing their jobs, conducting their business, and taking care of daily affairs in the most objective way possible. There can be no bias in the activities of the council members.

So what is the purpose of the Shincliffe Community Association and why was it formed in the first place? Let’s take a deeper look at their activities and how they conduct their business. The sole objective of the Shincliffe Community Association is to represent and oversee the community and society at large. It is their job to make sure that the authorities hear the voice of the society on matters that are important to them. To make sure that the needs and wants of the society are being met and that their voices are being heard.

The people of the society are encouraged to raise their voice against social evils and engage with fellow members of the community. They believe that social evils of the society can only be defeated if the community, as a whole, fights back. They believe that unity is strength.

The community is supported by funds and donations and the council, in return, makes sure that they are accountable for every dollar spent. Transparency is key to the success of the council.