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Shincliffe Community Resposibilities

In this article, you will learn about the roles and responsibilities of the Shincliffe Community and the Shincliffe Parish Council. The number of services and its range and amenities that are offered by the Local Councils can vary significantly, however, we will share some of the primary roles here. The responsibilities are comprised of, but are not limited to:

  • maintain, add to, and improve all the available local services for the citizens of the city
  • support and help all the local activities taking place in the city and help voluntary organizations in their work
  • lobby in support of and influence all the activities pertaining to the local services and development of the city

These are the three main directives or in other words, the three main responsibilities of the Shincliffe Community Association and the Council. It is based on a committee which consists of members. Each year, the members are selected based on votes. The members of the council need to hear and understand the complex issues that are plaguing the society and help in coming up with possible solutions. It is also the job of the members of the council to see to it that these solutions are implemented and that desired results are obtained.

Every committee has a chairperson who oversees the activities of the committee under him. The chairperson is nominated and appointed by his respective members. All the recommendations and possible solutions are presented for perusal to the council that will approve or disapprove the suggestions.

The council is itself divided into two different parts: Finance Committee and Horticulture Committee. Furthermore, the council will meet on a monthly basis to discuss the agenda which is notified to the members in advance. The members are expected to come prepared for the meeting. Agenda is issued at least 3 days prior to the day of the meeting.