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Welcome to the Shincliffe

Shincliffe Community Association is an organization, a charity and social organization, that was formed with the objective of helping people in need. The association is situated close to the Denver city.

Shincliffe Community Association is made up of council members, most of whom are volunteers. These remarkable individuals volunteered for these positions because they genuinely care about the society and want to do some good. This way, they will be able to leave their mark.

Shincliffe Community Association was established with the objective of helping people in their need, supporting those who cannot support themselves and conduct events that will improve the overall condition of the society.

The council members are responsible for organizing activities on a regular basis. Most of these activities are outdoor sports like football, basketball, and such. The objective of organizing these activities is to help people be more active and lead a healthier and fitter life. A sedentary lifestyle is the single most reason behind half the diseases that the people are facing today. Shincliffe Community Association aims to spread awareness about these diseases and how simply being a little more active in day to day life can help keep things in check.

Shincliffe Community Association is also actively supporting child care and education-related causes. Children are the future of this world, and it is important that they are properly educated and groomed so that they are better equipped to face the world tomorrow.

These are but some of the activities that Shincliffe Community Association is actively pursuing.